Educators Aiming to Empower Girls of Color

By Marika Pfefferkorn and Dr. Talaya L. Tolefree January 16, 2018   U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has signaled she may roll back the 2014 Federal School Discipline Guidance, a set of civil rights protections for K-12 students. But school-aged girls of color need more protection, not less; as research in prior GPR Education […]


Youth and Sexual Harassment, From #MeToo to #MeTooK12

By Heather Hlavka January 9, 2018 Courageous survivors and supporters are mobilizing to fight sexual violence, even within a culture that has long-since actively obscured violence against women. Online mobilization through hashtags like #MeToo, #YesAllWomen, #YouOKSis, and others are, in part, a realization of decades of feminist research and activism around rape culture and toxic […]

Gender and the Wage “Tournament”

by June Carbone January 3, 2018 Women have come a long way.  Indeed, women have done so well that journalists have hailed “The End of Men” and celebrated “The Richer Sex.” Yet, a more in depth look at the persistent gender gap in wages tells a different story.  Yes, the wage gap overall between men […]