With exit polls fresh from the recent Alabama U.S. Senate election, many observers are scratching their heads and wondering why 63% of white women voters in Alabama voted for Republican Roy Moore, in spite of the fact that he faced numerous allegations of sexual predation against young girls. While surely not all of these white women voters were evangelical Christians, given that the race was in Alabama, which is 89% Christian (of which nearly half are evangelical), we can safely assume that many were.

Ryan Allen is an Associate Professor in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.  Professor Allen’s research focuses on community and economic development in immigrant communities in the United States. He brings to the Gender Policy Report a strong knowledge of federal immigration policy, a wealth of expertise in how immigrants adjust to life in the United States, and direct research experience with immigrant communities in the Twin Cities. His approach to research is informed by a cross-cutting understanding of how gender, immigrant status and other forms of inequality intersect. Allen’s most recent research has been with immigrants in the 1940s who were among the earliest public housing residents in the United States. He is also researching how legal status impinges upon rental affordability for unauthorized immigrants and engagement practices used by urban planners who work with immigrant communities. We look forward to Professor Allen’s contributions to the GPR’s Immigration and Refugees page.