Mary Koss & Elise Lopez: Restorative justice is an effective way of addressing sexual misconduct.

Alexandra Brodsky: The push for mandatory referral to criminal justice systems is misguided.

Annie Hill: Victims are not the problem; universities must change cultures conducive to sexual misconduct.

Brian A. Pappas: Mandatory reporting is just one piece of a larger effort needed to address sexual violence on campus

Christina Mancini & Justin Pickett: College students, on balance, support mandatory reporting policies.

Rose Miron & Lena Palacios: In the age of #MeToo, many individuals and institutions have expressed their commitment to preventing sexual violence. Yet, in their haste to hold individual perpetrators accountable, many have become actively complicit in silencing the voices of survivors, particularly through mandatory reporting policies that are being hurriedly adopted on college campuses across the U.S.