• Understanding the specific gendered implications of US immigration and refugee policies.

About the Gender Policy Report

The Gender Policy Report is a non-partisan, multidisciplinary effort to produce and disseminate timely, gender-focused analyses of emerging U.S. federal policy proposals and developments.

Gender Policy Report contributions clarify the gendered bases of policy practices and conflicts. They offer diverse public audiences informed perspectives on how policies matter for gender equality, gender equity and constructions of gender itself.

Working across varied media platforms, the Gender Policy Report seeks to inform policy debates and improve public discourse. Our mission is to take the best insights from scholarship and research and make them accessible to broader communities in a way that is timely for addressing serious policy challenges.

What sets the Gender Policy Report apart?

  • Academic Rigor. We are different from other sources of information because we draw on evidence-based, scholarly research.
  • Intersectional. We distinguish our analyses from others through consistent attention to how gender intersects with other inequalities such as race, class, sexual orientation, immigration status, religion, and disability.
  • Broad. We consider the implications for gender equality and equity of a broad range of policy areas, including, but not only, policy areas typically associated with gender or women.
  • Reliable. We are a reliable and truthful source of information in an era in which fake and biased news has become commonplace.

The Gender Policy Report is a project of the Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs.

Gender Policy Report Leadership

<h3>Christina Ewig</h3>

Christina Ewig

Faculty Director, Center on Women, Gender, and Public Policy
<h3>Jayne Swift</p>

Jayne Swift

Managing Editor, Gender Policy Report