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Are you a scholar interested in writing for the Gender Policy Report?

Call for Collaborators: We are actively seeking scholars to contribute to the Gender Policy Report. Fill out the form below or directly contact the curators in your area of interest.

Call for Submissions: We are eager to receive submissions and proposals from scholars with diverse perspectives across a broad spectrum of relevant issues. We are also committed to publishing work in a variety of formats.

Examples of Content include but are not limited to:

  • Policy Analysis Blog Posts (500-1200 words): Short essays that weigh in on how serious attention to gender research may inform a policy proposal or policy development. The essay may clarify the gender implications of a policy that otherwise may not be evident.
  • Research Summary Blogs (500-1200 words): Accessible, engaging summaries or reviews of existing research on gender and a specific policy. This public-friendly translation of a recent research article or book might use a current policy debate or development as its “hook”.
  • Data posts (3-4 figures with explanatory text): Posts that focus on drawing attention to illuminating data visualizations in the form of charts, graphs, etc. Contributors would provide a short written introduction and a few lines to help readers interpret each data visual.
  • Multimedia Contributions: Video presentations, powerpoint slide decks, audio podcasts…You name it, we’re interested. Send us your ideas and teach us some new tricks!

GPR Submissions Guidelines

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