Write For Us

We are eager to receive submissions and proposals from scholars with diverse perspectives across a broad spectrum of contemporary U.S. national policy concerns.

What sets the Gender Policy Report apart?

  • Broad policy focus encompassing 10 research areas
  • Consistent attention to the ways gender interacts with other sources of inequality, such as race, class, disability, immigration status, and sexual orientation
  • Policy recommendations backed by research and data

Submission Guidelines

Examples of content include but are not limited to policy analysis, summary reporting on new research or publications, reflections on current policy debates, or data visualizations. Our posts have an explicitly intersectional gender focus and usually lead with a compelling policy hook.

Additional guidelines include:

  • Target length of 500-1,200 words
  • Use plain language aimed at a general audience (minimize technical, academic, or legal jargon)
  • Write short sentences using active voice
  • Include a strong lede to draw readers in and connect to current events
  • Explain key events, people, and concepts that may be unfamiliar outside of your field
  • Use embedded hyperlinks to sources, data, and references (website does not support footnotes or endnotes)
  • Whenever possible, link to open sources available in English

Please submit your piece via email to cwgpp@umn.edu or to the faculty curator who initially solicited your participation. Please include a suggested title, a short summary of no more than 30 words, and your byline (including your most important titles and affiliations, as well as links to your organization, personal website, or recent published works).

Have questions about the Gender Policy Report? Send us your thoughts.