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Mandatory Reporting Policies Protect Universities, Not Survivors

Rose Miron & Lena Palacios: In the age of #MeToo, many individuals and institutions have expressed their commitment to preventing sexual violence. Yet, in their haste to hold individual perpetrators accountable, many have become actively complicit in silencing the voices of survivors, particularly through mandatory reporting policies that are being hurriedly adopted on college campuses across the U.S.


Infrastructure investment, design and gender-based violence?

The Democrats, Republicans, and the White House are in the midst of hashing out a large scale infrastructure bill in the coming weeks and months. Aside from addressing the maintenance needs of much of the United States, infrastructure spending is billed as a way to boost jobs, and stimulate the economy. President Trump has also called cities dangerous war zones throughout the campaign and since taking office – a claim that has been challenged. While he has not focused in his statements on violence against women within urban areas, it is possible that his proposed new infrastructure spending could be an opportunity to address gender-based violence and some of its affects.