Cannabis social equity programs strive to promote racial equity in the growing legal marijuana industry. Should they also include women and LGBTQ+ people?

Evictions are bad for individual and public health. New research finds that housing instability can increase intimate partner violence and sexual health.

Eviction notice

The Housing Choice Voucher Program was supposed to benefit low-income families. But tenants endure onerous policing of their personal lives.

Woman carries placard reading "One Planet, One People, One Future"

Climate migration is a reality. How can US immigration policy best respond to the gendered risks and disparities of climate change-fueled migration?

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The fight against climate change demands gender equitable responses. New research finds that female managers contribute to reductions in corporate carbon emissions

Image of waves caused by Hurricane Harvey

Disasters cost more than money. Women play central roles preparing for and recovering from disasters. They also and bear the true costs.