Cannabis social equity programs strive to promote racial equity in the growing legal marijuana industry. Should they also include women and LGBTQ+ people?

Sign of One PULSE Foundation, LGBTQAI+ members in honor to tragic day on 2016 Hate crimes against Latinx and Black LGBT people

Hate crimes legislation is often hailed as a progressive response to violence against LGBT people. But what should we do about the everyday violence experienced by Black and Latinx LGBT people?

Image of US Marshall

The federal response to sex trafficking has overemphasized prosecution. To fix what is wrong, we need to divest from the carceral system and invest in human rights.

Sex worker rights protest violence

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. To end violence against sex workers, we must decriminalize sex work.

no loitering sign

Anti-prostitution loitering laws target poor women of color. Repealing these laws is a first step toward reducing harm and ending a racist, sexist, and transphobic system of sexual policing.

Applying the lens of financial predation expands our understanding of who is involved in the criminal justice system.