Condom on banana to depict comprehensive sex education.

Comprehensive sex education is effective and supported by most Americans. Why is it not the standard in US public schools?

The past few years have witnessed attacks on diversity in public education. This map reflects tracks anti-diversity and pro-diversity bills in state legislatures.

Neon lights that read: Higher Ed Not Debt

Student debt is a crisis for women, particularly women of color. How did we get here?

Responding to institutional neglect, Black women are more likely to provide financial assistance to family members than other groups. What can federal policymakers do to address the Black Tax—a racial and gender wealth gap?

White teacher teaching students about LGBTQ movements, with rainbow flag

In March 2022, Donald Trump told his supporters in South Carolina: “We have no choice, the fate of any nation ultimately depends upon the willingness of its citizens to lay down… their very lives to defend their country.” What ominous threat was he referencing? Diversity mandates in public education, or the specter of critical race theory and LGBTQ history in classrooms.

raised fist transgender flag colors

Political attacks on trans youth, anti-racist school curriculum, and abortion share an ideological framework. Our political response should bring these fights together.