TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota

Pitting men’s teams against women’s teams ignores alternative solutions and undermines gender equity.

Sign reading "food bank" on a metal fence

Food insecurity already underscores gender disparities on college campuses, a dilemma now worsened by the pandemic and its uncertainty.

The use of low-cost, temporary faculty contracts makes it harder to eliminate sexual violence on college campuses.

The successful expansion of access to higher education for women in the 20th century should change how we think about the government’s responsibility for supporting educational opportunity.

The recent #RedForEd strikes have highlighted a duality that Black women educators have long addressed–that their interests as public employees are connected to their concerns for the communities they serve.

The West Virginia teachers’ strike builds upon a longer movement that has primarily been led by women in Appalachia, one staked on expanding working people’s access to political power and equalizing public services.