Woman with small child in her hands doing carework while man sits on couch

Unpaid carework is essential to our families, society, and economy. So why don’t we value it accordingly?

Older LGBT people walking in Pride parade

LGBT elders face profound social and health disparities. A new study of aging LGBTQ Minnesotans identifies what we need to change to ensure LGBT people can age with dignity.

Image of Minnesota state capitol building

It’s not enough to invite impacted communities to the table, community research requires building a new table. The researchers behind the Minnesota Missing and Murdered African-American Women Task Force provide a model.

Hospital Coronavirus Emergency Department Ward: Doctors wearing Coveralls, Face Masks Treat, Cure and Save Lives of Patients. Focus on Biohazard Sign on Door, Background Blurred Out of Focus

Foreign-born Minnesotans—particularly men—were twice as likely to die from COVID in 2020.

Two Minneapolis police cars parked in front of a tan house and tree.

Women of color are more likely to experience gender-based violence and fear of contacting the police for help.

Child care is too expensive, while providers are underpaid. We need sustained public investment to fix both problems.