Picture of transgender rights flag

Anti-trans legislation is increasing in state legislatures. Do Americans approve of these attacks on transgender rights?

Older LGBT people walking in Pride parade

LGBT elders face profound social and health disparities. A new study of aging LGBTQ Minnesotans identifies what we need to change to ensure LGBT people can age with dignity.

Evictions are bad for individual and public health. New research finds that housing instability can increase intimate partner violence and sexual health.

Condom on banana to depict comprehensive sex education.

Comprehensive sex education is effective and supported by most Americans. Why is it not the standard in US public schools?

From income caps to inaccessible transit, ableism is built into our caregiving systems. It’s time to reform caregiving through a disability justice lens.

Trump attends meeting on human trafficking

US federal policy has over-emphasized prosecuting, and not preventing, human trafficking. It’s time for a public health approach to trafficking.