A close up of a packet of blue, white, and green birth control pills

Health policy, not medicine, stands in the way of over-the-counter and self-administered contraception.

Black teenage girl wearing blue headphones, a brown shirt, and a green headband looks at the camera during a video call on a laptop.

Post-pandemic, schools can play a powerful role in ending health inequities for girls of color.

Image of Hispanic female nurse in blue scrubs holding her head in exhaustion with eyes closed

The right kinds of investments can address deeply rooted racial and gender inequities in the care economy.

Care work makes all other work possible. Is a decades-long struggle for decent wages and labor protections finally about to pay off?

The pandemic has laid bare the racial and gender disparities of our social priorities.

syringe drawing up vaccine from a vial

Why are women less willing to get a COVID-19 vaccine than men? Start with medical misogyny and racism.