Women working in fashion industry

When it comes to fast fashion, women are both the workers and consumers. How can we promote better working conditions for women in this global industry?

The protracted US-led war in Afghanistan concluded with the exclusion of Afghan women from the peace process and the return of the Taliban to power. What can we learn?

Trump attends meeting on human trafficking

US federal policy has over-emphasized prosecuting, and not preventing, human trafficking. It’s time for a public health approach to trafficking.

Image of US Marshall

The federal response to sex trafficking has overemphasized prosecution. To fix what is wrong, we need to divest from the carceral system and invest in human rights.

Woman carries placard reading "One Planet, One People, One Future"

Climate migration is a reality. How can US immigration policy best respond to the gendered risks and disparities of climate change-fueled migration?

Nia Una Menos feminist protest

Latin American countries are moving toward abortion legalization. What can U.S. abortion rights activists learn from Latin American feminists?