Worker co-ops radically re-envision the typical organization of labor and profit. They can also promote gender equity in the workplace.

From income caps to inaccessible transit, ableism is built into our caregiving systems. It’s time to reform caregiving through a disability justice lens.

Trump attends meeting on human trafficking

US federal policy has over-emphasized prosecuting, and not preventing, human trafficking. It’s time for a public health approach to trafficking.

Image of US Marshall

The federal response to sex trafficking has overemphasized prosecution. To fix what is wrong, we need to divest from the carceral system and invest in human rights.

Sex worker rights protest violence

December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. To end violence against sex workers, we must decriminalize sex work.

Woman with disability working in supermarket

Women with disabilities are more likely to live in poverty. How can policymakers break the link between disability and economic precarity?