Image of Morris, MN American Indian Boarding School

The Indian Child Welfare Act protects the rights of American Indian parents. The Supreme Court will soon decide the future of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Uber car

Passenger driving is often exploited labor. Recent coalitions between professional drivers and disability justice advocates suggest how workers and consumers can organize together.

no loitering sign

Anti-prostitution loitering laws target poor women of color. Repealing these laws is a first step toward reducing harm and ending a racist, sexist, and transphobic system of sexual policing.

Responding to institutional neglect, Black women are more likely to provide financial assistance to family members than other groups. What can federal policymakers do to address the Black Tax—a racial and gender wealth gap?

Home Health care worker

We’re facing a national labor shortage of home healthcare aides, who tend to the basic needs of millions of Americans. To meet this crisis, we must transform labor conditions in the home healthcare industry

menstrual products

For too many low-income people, menstrual products are inaccessible and unaffordable. Federal and state government should take action to solve period poverty.