Smart city and communication network concept

Policymakers can target gender inequality to set the conditions for local economic growth.

Close up on a file tab with the word employees plus a note with the text "sick leaves"

The U.S. lags on paid leave. Why is the FMLA so progressive in other ways?

Young Asian father with black glasses and white t-shirt holds swaddled newborn child.

Better policies can reduce the stigma of taking paid family leave. Can they also close the gender gap?

Black father having video call with pediatrician and writing notes while taking care of his sick son at home.

Single fathers’ experiences during the pandemic highlight the urgent need to address parental well-being.

Pensive lonely man father holding his child daughter looking with hope into distance in dark vintage style

To transform policy, we need to include single fathers in broader conversations about gender inequality in all its manifestations.

Image of Hispanic female nurse in blue scrubs holding her head in exhaustion with eyes closed

The right kinds of investments can address deeply rooted racial and gender inequities in the care economy.