Do our leaders reflect the diversity of our people? Insights and analysis on gender and representation in federal positions.

Texas antiabortion bill

Republican women lawmakers have increasingly become the face of antiabortion legislation across US states. Their “pro-woman” strategy claims that restricting abortion is in women’s best interest.

Republican women in Congress have grown in numbers, and in their conservatism. Conservatism helped them win, but it is a barrier to deepening the bench.

Two Black women wearing purple SEI t-shirts and black masks are seated and clapping. One holds a sign reading "Care is Essential, Respect Us"

Working class legislators are more likely to be women of color than any other group. Electing more of them could help restore trust in government.

voting booths separated by white cardboard dividers showing the American flag and the word "VOTE"

Women’s recent gains in Congress aren’t just a function of more female candidates.

closeup of a young caucasian person outdoors showing a badge patterned with a transgender pride flag, in front of the ocean

Across the political spectrum, men are more likely to support anti-trans sports bills than women.

Companies with women among the top executives outperform their peers. So why is the gender gap in corporate leadership still so large?