Do our leaders reflect the diversity of our people? Insights and analysis on gender and representation in federal positions.

The myth of the strong Black woman perpetuates inequality. To support Black women through this pandemic, we must address the underlying conditions of oppression.

Why aren’t statewide elected officials more diverse? As we face COVID-19 and economic collapse, states need diverse experiences, perspectives, and talent in leadership more than ever.

The absence of women’s voices in policy decisions undermines our collective well-being—especially during a pandemic.

While nominally led by women, Puerto Rico’s government has not addressed underlying gender issues made worse by recent disasters, nor heeded calls for change from feminist groups.

“Electability” dominates conversation about the 2020 presidential election. This complicated phenomenon is particularly relevant to the two remaining female candidates for the Democratic nomination.

Despite a so-called “gender gap” in political interest, knowledge, and participation, few gender differences emerge in political engagement on social media.