Do our leaders reflect the diversity of our people? Insights and analysis on gender and representation in federal positions.

Gender equality initiatives that focus on individual behaviors or societal ills miss a key factor: the role organizations themselves play in creating and reinforcing inequality.

Stakeholders with authentic disagreements about and experiences in transactional sex can work together to reduce common harms in the sex trades through participatory policymaking that includes a wide range of people with lived experience, including people who identify as survivors of trafficking, sexual exploitation, and sex work.

Climate protest in Canberra, Australia

The transformative action that is desperately needed on climate and energy can only be realized with more diverse and inclusive leadership.

Evidence shows that improving women’s representation in government, public policy, and society can increase life satisfaction for women and men alike.

We asked female congressional candidates to share lessons from the campaign and takeaways from their experiences running for office. Here are some of their insights.

The derision of Latinas/os and Latin American immigrants has been a central and calculated strategy of the Trump administration from the infamous 2015 campaign announcement maligning Mexican immigrants as “criminals” and “rapists”.